hauptSACHE möbel - PianoBar, edle Gartenmöbel, Tische, Bänke, Regale
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A Place To Communicate

Gathering at a table facilitates communication. Whether celebrating, playing games, eating, meeting with friends, negotiating, tables play an important role in our lives.

Our passion is to redesign the table with clarity and beauty.

hauptSACHE möbel - PianoBar, edle Tische, Bänke, Gartenmöbel
hauptSACHE möbel - PianoBar, edle Tische, Bänke, Gartenmöbel Awareness Of The Essential

Tables, chairs, benches, hauptsache designs furniture for life: functional, timeless, lasting, familiar. High in the North of Germany, in the land between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea in the tradition of boatbuilders and their craftmenship.
Quality and clearity of form without compromises.
Just nordic.

Unique Furniture

hauptSACHE offers you a choice of beautiful furniture.
Built in our style for your custom needs. Your selection is made to your specifications: concept, dimensions, type of wood and finish.

Built to your personal taste at a fair price in our clean style your piece of furniture is constructed with our high quality craftsmanship. Each peace is unique and manufactured to last.

Quality and clean form, without compromises
HauptSACHE - furniture that lasts a lifrtime

hauptSACHE möbel - PianoBar, edle Tische, Bänke, Gartenmöbel
made in Germany
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